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Pre-Registration Discounts
Jun 1 - Jun 30:                 40% off
Jul 1 - Jul 31:                   30% off
Aug 1 - Aug 31:                20% off
Sep 1 - Sep 22:                 10% off
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Guest Pass:
$5.00 off per pass (6/1-9/14)

Coach's Pass:
$5.00 off per pass (6/1-9/14)
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$  70.00 1st Event
$  60.00 2nd Event
$  50.00 3rd Event
$  40.00 4th Event
$  30.00 5th Event
Team Form is counted as one (1) event

$  25.00 Coach's Pass


  15.00:  5 - 65 Years            
      FREE:  Under 5 & over 65

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8:00 am - Doors Open/Check-In
9:00 am - Scorekeeper's/Coordinator's Meetings, & Official's Clinic
9:30 am - Initial Divisions Player Staging
9:50 am - National Anthem 

10:00 am - Tournament 

September 21, 2024
September 21, 2024 12:01am [Pacific Time]
Greater Tacoma Convention Center
1500 Commerce St
Tacoma, WA 98402
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KAIZEN LEAGUE PLAYERS: Players competing for League Points MUST compete at the age they are on January 1, 2024, or at the age they will be after June 30, 2024, and must compete at that age for the entire 2024 season!


Players MUST enter divisions per their Rank & Age Group.
Please select your Rank & Age Group


The rank categories are determined by dividing up the number of Under Black Belt ranks that your style/school offers into the three (3) rank categories.
 # of Ranks Novice  Inttermediate  Advance 


Checking in at the City of Destiny Classic, all Players will be listed under their School or Team's name.
Your School or Team's representative (instructor or designated person) will be responsible to distribute the Player's IDs contained in your School or Team's packet
NOTE: If your Team or School is not listed below, please let us know so we can add it for future use. For this registration, please select "other" and enter your school's name.
Please select your School or Team from the lists below...


We have simplified Division selection to make it even easier to register for the Classic.
Select the 2-character Division Category code from the drop-down list for each division in which you wish to participate. We will place you in the proper division based on your age, rank, and gender.


FT  - Forms Traditional
SP  - Sparring Point
WC - Weapons Creative
FT - Forms Traditional
FC - Forms Creative
WT - Weapons Traditional
WC - Weapons Creative
SF - Sparring Flag (10 & Under)
SP - Sparring Point
SK - Kyokushin


All Kyokushin Sparring Players MUST be officially weighed in and verified prior to participating in their selected weight class.
Please enter your weight (# only)


Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to participate in the 2024 City of Destiny Classic.

Full payment must be received to be considered pre-registered. If full payment is not received by September 14, 2024, at Midnight PST, the registrant will be subject to the current rate at the time of complete payment. All Pre-Registration benefits will also be excluded until full payment is made and only those benefits which apply at the time of payment will be applied.

I agree that I am 18 years or older or the Parent/Guardian of the registrant, agreeing to terms on his/her behalf. By agreeing to these terms, I hereby waive all claims against any and all persons involved with the City of Destiny Classic for any injuries which may occur before and during my participation in the competition. I also assume full responsibility for my actions during and in connection with said activities. I will abide by all rules and safe practices of a martial arts competition. Any misconduct from competitors or spectators can result in disqualification or ejection from the tournament. I agree that my performance and/or attendance at these activities may be filmed and/or recorded with or without my consent and that the City of Destiny Classic and its associates may use my name, likeness, voices, poses, pictures, and biographical data concerning me, fully or in part in any language with or without other material, anywhere by means known or devised: and I waive my compensation thereof. Tournament entry or spectator fees are non-refundable.
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