2023 WPTSD Summer Camp!

We're Baaaack!
The Western Pacific Tang Soo Do Summer Camp is a safe, positive, and motivational experience where you and your child are guaranteed to obtain physical, mental, and moral fitness... all while having great summer fun on the beautiful Oregon Coast!

Western Pacific Students, families, and friends are welcome.
Sadly, Grandmaster Estioko is unable to attend this year's camp.
This will still be the "Can't-Miss" event of the year!
Registration Opens, May 1, 2023!

July 20 - 23, 2023
July 20, 2023 12:01am [Pacific Time]
WPTSD Summer Camp
Sunset Bay State Park
Norton Gulch Group Campsite
13030 Cape Arago Hwy
Coos Bay, OR
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All persons whether participant or guest, staying on-site or off-site who plan to participate or spectate at any summer camp activities must complete an "Authorization to Attend" form. This form can be found at
Download, complete, and return to your camp representative or when you arrive at the summer camp.
All Attendees, whether participant or guest must complete this Registration form

This form can be used to register all attendees Those who reside in separate households must complete the entire form for each person. Click the "Add Another Registrant" at the completion of each registration to add another attendee.
Those who reside in the same household can follow the directions for "Family Registration". 

For family members or persons residing in the same household (not dojangs), please have the Primary (first) Registrant complete the entire form with address, phone, etc. and the subsequent household members only have to complete the required (red star) fields unless also participating in seminars, then the Age, Rank, and Gender boxes must also be filled.

NOTE: If the Primary (first) Registrant is also the required signatory for the Terms & Conditions. The Primary (first) Registrant should be a parent, guardian, or 18 years or older. If the Primary (first) Registrant cannot act as a signatory, be sure to remember to complete an "Authorization to Attend" form for every attendee

Must fill out the Gender, Rank, and Age fields.

Meals are provided by each school or organization for their attendees as well as the Saturday night Potluck Dinner. Meals and Potluck cost is determined and paid directly to your school or organization.

Each school or Organization contributes enough dishes to compensate for their entire group.
If you feel you cannot provide your share of food for the potluck dinner, you may pay a $15 fee in lieu of food.


(additional registrants/attendees)
The Primary (first) Registrant MUST complete the entire form
Red Starred fields are required!

Secondary and subsequent Registrants are not required to duplicate Address (street, city, st, zip) information if in the same household as the Primary Registrant.


Month & Year, Year only will also suffice, and "Unknown" if you can't remember.

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The following definitions will help make your registration process a little easier.

Students who will be participating in the Workshops & Seminars

Family or friends accompanying participants and who will not be participating in Workshops or Seminars.
Any attendee may participate in "Open to All" seminars for a $15 per seminar fee. Please pay prior to attending.


Students, Dans, & Masters who will be participating in the Workshops and Seminars
WP Participant Fee: $75.00 per person
Non-WP Participant Fee: $85.00 per person

Non-participants are family or guests who are not participating in the Workshops or Seminars

CAMP FEE: $30.00 per person
Open to all attendees, no experience required, non-participants & guests staying in the campgrounds
"OPEN TO ALL" SEMINARS: $15.00 per person
Please pay prior to attending a seminar

We want to try to set up a Community Kitchen again this year and we are looking for folks to volunteer to help staff the kitchen. A Volunteer Sign-Up form has been created to make it easy for you to select your best days and times. Visit www.exceedma.com/2023-summer-camp to Volunteer.
There may be an additional fee to help fund the kitchen.


Registration is open and must be received no later than 15 days prior to the start of the Summer Camp. Due to the limited space available, the number of participants will also be limited.
The included registration, health information, and physical examination forms must be completed and must be received by 15 days prior to the start of the Summer Camp

Authorization to Attend

I agree to complete an Authorization to Attend form and return it to my camp representative or present it upon arrival at the summer camp.

Failure to return a completed "Authorization to Attend" form will prevent me and my child(ren) from any and all activities whether taking part in or as a spectator or said activities during the summer camp.

Children's clothes, etc. often look alike. So, please be sure to label all items with your child's name so that it will be easier to identify!

We are not responsible for lost items.

All refunds must be requested 7 days prior to the start of the Summer Camp and will be charged a $10 processing fee.

By checking the box, I agree that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions for attending the 2023 WPTSD Summer Camp.

I also agree that I am the Responsible Registrant and I as a parent or legal guardian have the authority to sign the Terms and Conditions for any minor children listed as additional registrants on this form.

Check this box to indicate that you have read and agree to all of the above terms & conditions

Registrants can make payment directly to Sacramento WPTSD via the PayPal link below. 
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If using PayPal, please select the "Pay in Person" option when finalizing this registration
For any and all payment issues with PayPal,
 please contact Master Matsuda.
Washington Registrants: Please just click the "Register" button below to make an online credit card payment.