We are so excited that you are sending your child to Camp Jamison for our summer 2023 session.   

Dates: Sunday, July 23 - Saturday, July 29th. (7 days, 6-night program)

Please complete the registration form and provide a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your child's spot for this summer. We'll contact you for further information and let you know everything you need to prepare for camp. Travel to and from the camp location from Philadelphia is provided. 

Our Payment Philosophy 

Our goal is simple - to make Camp Jamison affordable and welcoming for all families.  Our idea of "fair" might seem different than you're used to but it's an important part of our camp. We ask that all families contribute $200 per child after that - the choice is yours.   

The true cost to run our program with transportation included this summer is $1,500 - if you can invest that in our program - thank you.  We also realize that many families can not invest $1,500 in a summer camp program so we ask you to invest what you can and give generously when possible.  The average camper this summer will pay $500 for the program.


Every kid at Camp Jamison gets the full $1,500 experience.  Your payment is completely confidential and does not affect the quality of your child's experience.


Learn more about how your money is spent here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j9kJzFsZXCmRS9DcT4CMeWSgy25ipA76RoxYIhW5Rb8/edit?usp=sharing 


Please contact Jacqueline if you have any financial concerns.

Jacqueline McDonough

July 23 - 29, 2023
May 2, 2023 12:01am [Eastern Time]
INFO:   Please note that this form contains limited capacity items which are sold out. They are displayed grayed out and/or are not selectable. You may choose alternate options or join the waiting list.

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Applicant Agreement
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Camper Information

Guardian Information

Emergency Information
 This person must be available during the week of camp to pick up your child if there is an emergency

Your Child's Social, Emotional, and Learning Well Being 
This information is used to help campers have a safe and fun experience, not to exclude anyone.
Asthma Rescue Inhaler
Maintenance Medication
Contact Lenses
Walker/ Crutches
None of the above
Disordered Eating
Substance Abuse
None of the above
I understand that the following conditions must be met in order to promote proper and safe use of sunscreen at Camp:
1) The sunscreen will only be used to prevent overexposure to the sun.
2) Only sunscreen approved by the FDA for over the counter use will be permitted for use by the camper.

Does Not Eat Pork
Allergy: Peanut (We are not a peanut-free campus)
Allergy: Other
Non swimmer (must have a life jacket on at all times in the water)
Beginner swimmer (life jacket needed in water above knees)
Basic swimmer
Advanced Swimmer (can swim in water that is above their head)
Physical Therapy
Ocupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Extra Counseling
None of the above

Tuition Information

The full cost of Camp Jamison is $1,500 for the 7-day 6-night program.

Some families choose to pay more and some choose to pay less based on their financial situation. We do not ask families to submit additional forms or paperwork. We trust you. Please choose generously and honestly.


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Current Camper Referral
JBF Lower Bucks
Philadelphia Housewives Blog
Mommy's Lil Black Book
Flyer received at school

The Foundations, Companies, and Individuals that support us love to hear from those that their donations benefit. 
If you chose please write a few sentences about why you selected to send your child to Camp Jamison and/or why your kid wants to attend Camp Jamison.  

This agreement includes 1. Medical treatment and disclosure authorization 2. Assumption of Risk acknowledgment 3. Liability release 4. Publicity release 5. Medical Fitness

If my child is accepted to camp, I hereby authorize the Camp Director(s) of Camp Jamison or such designee(s) as the Camp Director(s) may appoint, to provide for the giving of emergency medical care or treatment, including medicines, immunizations, x-rays, tests, dental and minor surgical treatment, hospitalization, general anesthesia, or other medical treatment as may be appropriate while the child is in the care of Camp Jamison. Notification of the parent or guardian will always be attempted.

I authorize any physician, nurse or other health care provider, to communicate with the medical staff and director of Camp Jamison, or his/her designee, about my childís medical condition, treatment, and/or prognosis. I further authorize the camp medical staff to discuss any medical conditions with the director, his/her designee, or the child's counselor when the medical staff, in its sole discretion, believes such communication to be in the best interest of the child. These authorizations are limited to the dates of camp for which my child is registered. I hereby agree for him/her to attend the functions provided by Camp Jamison during the dates for which my child is registered. To the fullest extent allowed under law,

I hereby release Camp Jamison and its personnel and volunteers from any and all liabilities to my child as a result of mode of travel to and from the aforementioned camp; engagement of activities during camp; use of materials, buildings and/or environment; loss or destruction of personal property; and specifically, give permission for my/our child to attend this function. I understand that part of the camping experience involves activities and group interactions that may be new to my child, and that they come with uncertainties beyond what my child may be used to dealing with at home. Such risks include uneven terrain, standing and moving water, wildlife encounters including mammals, reptiles and insects. I am also aware that my child may participate in off-campus activities such as swimming trips that involve additional risks. In addition, there are certain unavoidable risks associated with various game and play activities such as collisions, wayward objects such as balls and other equipment and other risks. I am aware of these risks, and I am assuming them on behalf of my child. I realize that no environment is risk-free, and so I have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by the campís rules, and my child and I both agree that he or she is familiar with these rules and will obey them. I give my consent and permission for Camp Jamison to use or authorize the use of any photos, video, interviews, or other publicity-related items involving my child. (If, for any reason, you do not want photos or videos of your child used in publicity-related items, please contact Camp Jamison in writing.)

This health history is correct and accurately reflects the health status of the camper to whom it pertains. The person described has permission to participate in all camp activities except as noted by me and/or an examining physician.
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