2023 SCH Judge RSVP

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a judge for our Simulated Congressional Hearings.  Your time is greatly appreciated.  Please select the date(s) and location(s) you prefer.
IMPORTANT: Beside each date, it will indicate if this is a virtual or
in-person event for judges.
If you have specific dates but do not care which location, please make a note of that at the bottom of the RSVP. 

INFO:   Please note that this form contains limited capacity items which are sold out. They are displayed grayed out and/or are not selectable. You may choose alternate options or join the waiting list.

Please click the button below to finalize your registration.

Registration inquiries:
10910 Clarksville Pike
Ellicott, MD 21042

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Please select the school(s) where you are available to judge. 

A number of schools are holding their hearings on the same day. If you do not have a preference for location, select the  option, "Place me anywhere needed this day" and you will be placed in the school that has the greatest need for judges. In that case, you will be notified of your final placement by May 1st, 2023.

*If a school is "Full," the form will not allow you to check that box because there are currently enough judges at that school.  
**WAIT LIST: To be placed on their waiting list, please click the waiting list link in the yellow box at the top of this form.

Deep Run (in-person)
Lisbon (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Cradlerock (in-person)
Guilford (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Phelps Luck (in-person)
Hanover Hills (in-person)
Triadelphia Ridge (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Bushy Park (in-person)
Hammond (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Bellow Springs (in-person)
Bollman Bridge (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Longfellow (in-person)
Veterans (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Hollifield Station (in-person)
Manor Woods (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Clemens Crossing (in-person)
Dayton Oaks (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Bryant Woods (in-person)
Jeffers Hill (in-person)
West Friendship(in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Laurel Woods (virtual)
Stevens Forest (in-person)
St. Johns Lane (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Pointers Run (in-person)
Running Brook (in-person)
Talbott Springs (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Thunder Hill (in-person)
Elkridge (in-person)
Worthington (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Ducketts Lane (in-person)
Ilchester (in-person)
Swansfield (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Forest Ridge (in-person)
Clarksville (in-person)
Waterloo (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Centennial Lane (in-person)
Gorman Crossing (virtual)
Northfield (in-person)
Fulton (in-person)
Place me anywhere needed this day
Waverly (in-person)
You MUST HIT REGISTER at the bottom of this form for it to be complete. Please be sure to add the selected dates and locations to your calendar now.

After you submit this form you should receive:
1. an immediate confirmation from MemberSolutions.(If you do not get this within 24 hours, check your SPAM then contact Kimberly_Eggborn@hcpss.org)
2. a reminder and additional details will be sent 2weeks prior to the hearing.
3. If you indicated you are available for multiple locations on the same day, you will be assigned a location and notified by May 1.

PLEASE hold all the dates your registered for- if something in your schedule changes, please notify Kimberly_Eggborn@hcpss.org

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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