Kaizen Martial Arts League 

As a highly respected member of the Northwest Martial Arts community, Kaizen is looking to your leadership to help return Respect, Honor, Integrity, and Fairness to Martial Arts Tournaments.

Your Registration as a Kaizen Official will also help to ensure that you receive all the rights and privileges accorded to you in return for your Officiating.
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Let us know which Divisions and Age Groups you are comfortable Officiating and we will try our best to accommodate you.
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Your completion of this form is your approval for Tournament Hosts to contact you about your availability to Officiate at an upcoming event.
Please indicate your preferred methods to contact you at the E-Mail & Phone information supplied above.


Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to register as a Kaizen Official.

I agree and commit to being ready and available to help officiate when called upon at any Kaizen League event. I understand that my refusal to assist as an Official for any reason may nullify any and all special considerations provided for Officials (remuneration in any form, including meals, beverages, entry passes, etc.) at future events until official status is reinstated.
I agree to allow Kaizen League Event Promoters to access and use my information in order to contact me for consideration as a pre-selected event Official.
I agree to always act respectfully and honorably with integrity towards all regardless of Style, Rank, Age, Race, or Gender.
I agree that I am 18 years or older or the Parent/Guardian of the registrant, agreeing to terms on his/her behalf. By agreeing to these terms, I hereby waive all claims against any and all persons involved with the Kaizen League and their sponsored events for any injuries which may occur before and during my attendance. I also assume full responsibility for my actions during and in connection with attendance. I will abide by all rules and safe practices of attending a martial arts event. Any misconduct from guests can result in disqualification of a related Player or ejection from the tournament. I agree that my attendance at this event may be filmed and/or recorded with or without my consent and that the Kaizen League and its associates may use my name, likeness, voices, poses, pictures, and biographical data concerning me, fully or in part in any language with or without other material, anywhere by means known or devised: and I waive my compensation thereof. Guest fees are non-refundable.
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