Track Days 2020


Register for any Track Day or maximize your experience with the Track School I and II, School of R.O.C.C., or the Rider Challenge at any of the 8 Track Day Events scheduled for 2020.

All riders will need an assigned number; see our roster here for available numbers. If you see an available number, contact us to reserve it asap.

Please review the bike and rider requirements and preparations needed to attend a ZARS event prior to registration! 

February 8 - November 1, 2020
November 1, 2020 10:00am [Central Time]
INFO:   Please note that this form contains limited capacity items which are sold out. They are displayed grayed out and/or are not selectable.

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Sign up for an individual track days or become a  TITANIUM rider - BEST VALUE

Early Bird discount expires on April 1. After April 1 the Pre-registration pricing will begin immediately and will expire one week prior to the scheduled Track Day/School. Within one week of the event, the price increases by $20. Online registration incurs a convenience fee that is non-refundable.  Online registration closes 48 hours before the event.

A 2.5% convenience fee to all online registrations, except Blackhawk Track Days. 

Within 24 hours of the event, registrations will be taken at the track as space permits. We highly recommend that you pre-register early, as events will sell out quickly!


This is the ultimate for the rider who canít get enough Track Days!  Sign up for all Track Days and receive a huge discount!   Here are the benefits/info:

  • You'll be a Track V.I.P.
  • If you sign up for all 9 dates, you save nearly 15% on all Track Days with a total savings of $235.15!  If you sign up for 7 or 8 dates you get one FREE Brainerd Track Day for a current savings of $169! Discount applies to individual basic track days, riders may upgrade to any school though!  
  • Complimentary reserved parking in the paddock at BIR (Comp Course only) and premier parking at Road America.
  • Complimentary Double Time when available at the track!  No guarantees of course.
  • Guaranteed availability for your Titanium Pass for the following year (within 45 days of registration opening)
  • Rock star treatment and envy of all your friends!!! 
  • Limited to 20 riders and this fills quickly!


Riders who sign up for both Platinum & Titanium receive an additional $100 discount (can not be combined with Returning Platinum or any other discount)!



select your track days below

Select your desired dates and levels!  

Brainerd Intl Raceway - Comp Course - June 27
Brainerd Intl Raceway - Comp Course - June 28
Brainerd Intl Raceway - Comp Course - July 20
Blackhawk Farms Raceway - August 8
Blackhawk Farms Raceway - August 9
Brainerd Intl Raceway - Comp Course - September 7
WAITLIST for any track days
We are so sorry to say, but you have not met the minimum experience and skill level necessary to participate in one of our track days.

We'd love to have you gain the experience and skills and come back in the near future!

Check out our Advanced Riding School at DCTC in Rosemount, MN.  A great place to hone your skills!

Good luck!  



event fee protection

Event Fee Protection - EFP is being offered as an option for riders who desire additional coverage for their investment. Riders may purchase EFP for $35 per event. If there is a concern about weather, not being able to make the event or something comes up or you just don't show up for any reason, you receive a 75% track day credit toward a future event. Once you check in, you're not eligible for 75% credit. If you check in on the day of the event OR get on the track and have a mechanical or accident before 1pm and are not able to ride the remainder of the day as a result, you receive a 50% track day credit toward a future event. EFP MUST BE PURCHASED AT TIME OF REGISTRATION and can not be added to your reservation after it has been submitted. To receive a credit, a request must be submitted by email or in writing within 7 days of the event. EFP excludes add-ons like early entry, Shootout, Rider Challenge, garages, one-on-ones, etc.

July 20
September 7


All riders must pay a $20 volunteer deposit that is refundable at the end of the season upon completion of either setting up or tearing down air fence (approximately 1 hour) at a ZARS Event at BIR; does not apply to Road America or High Plains. Riders must make sure to sign in and help with air fence. Refunds will be mailed to confirmed volunteers after December 1, 2018. Should you forego volunteering, you will not be refunded your $20.

Ride EARLY ENTRY & guest entry FOR BRAINERD 

To acquire access as a registered rider to the BIR facility the night before (includes camping) your Brainerd Track Day, riders must pay $10 for Rider Early Entry.  If you do not pre-pay for Early Entry here for BIR, you run the risk of paying a higher fee to gain access.  Otherwise you will be able to gain complimentary access to BIR on the morning of your track day.

For guests to acquire access to the BIR facility the night before (includes camping) and/or the day of a Brainerd Track Day, guests must pay $10 for Guest Entry.  If you do not pre-pay for Guest Entry here for BIR, you run the risk of paying a higher fee to gain access.  

This does not apply to Road America or Blackhawk.

Select your Rider Early Entry dates and enter the number of guests for Guest Entry:

July 20
September 7
July 20
September 7


Rider Early Entry (includes camping)
Guest Entry (includes camping)
July 20
September 7
September 7
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult X-Large
Adult XX-Large
Adult XXX-Large
August 8
August 9
September 7


Licensed racers may sign up for the Shootout to win big cash prizes; $25 per sprint if you pre-register!  Experienced Track Day riders may sign up for the Rider Challenge for $30 per spirited sprint; riders new to the Rider Challenge must participate in the ZARS Academy for $65 (one-time fee).  
Rider Challenge
August 8
August 9
September 7
August 8
August 9
September 7
These terms and conditions apply between "the Business" and those persons registering for and participating in the Businesses' events ("Customer").

Make sure to read below, as you will need to understand and accept this policy when registering. We need to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. If you canít accept the policies below, donít register. We donít make special exceptions, so please donít ask!

NEW - Registration for our track day events from June through September may have limited capacity due to government restrictions. If we do not have the space, we will fully credit you (never expires).

2020 Cancellation/Refund Policy*- If you cancel outside of 14 days of your date, you will receive a future track credit for the amount paid minus $25. As an example, for an event date of May 31, you would need to cancel on or before May 17. If you cancel within 14 days of your event date, you will receive 50% future track credit for the amount paid, except no track credit if you cancel within 7 days. We do not give credits due to mechanical failures/problems with your motorcycle. The policy will apply to each individual track day, not multi-day events, multiple registrations or frequent rider programs . To begin the refund/credit request process, you need to contact us first by email. If you donít receive a response, it has not been received.
The convenience fee is non-refundable.

*If you received a discount as a Titanium rider, due to the significant savings, there are no refunds or track credits. If you don't fully understand this, contact us, or if you will not accept these terms, don't sign up for Titanium.

If you register for the wrong level and do not have it corrected, you may have to forfeit your Track Day and paid fee (if you show up and are registered for the wrong level and there is no space for your correct level, you will lose your fee and wonít be able to ride).

ZARS reserves the right to revoke your privilege to ride during a school without a refund or credit for riding in such a manner that endangers life or limb of yourself, other riders, guest, staff, and instructors or control riders.

Registrations are not transferable to anyone.

To be fair and consistent, there are ZERO EXCEPTIONS to all above.

Rain or Shine or Event or Course Cancellation: Track Days and Track Schools will be held in the rain. If we have weather that makes it not conducive to ride on the Donnybrooke Road Course, we reserve the right to ride the Competition Course instead. Track Days and Track Schools are subject to being canceled due to severe weather or lack of registrants. If ZARS cancels a Track Day or School, you will be fully credited for a future Track Day.
Check this box to indicate that you have read and agree to all of the above terms & conditions