Schedule of the events
May 1st, 2020: Regional Spring Black Belt Test
May 2nd, 2020: Championship Tournament & post-championship party
May 3rd, 2020: Clinic with special guest Master Kevin Robinson and Region 1 masters
*** Note: the recent passing of Grandmaster Beaudoin we have invited Master Kevin Robinson, 7th degree black belt from Pennsylvania, to be our guest instructor ***

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Championship Tournament FAQ:

For more information regarding the events, fees, schedule, clinic, and accommodations, please download and refer to the 2020 Championship Packet: DOWNLOAD HERE

Registration Fees & Deadlines
by March 15th, 2020:
  • Youth/Adult/Senior: $55
  • Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons: $45
by April 15th, 2020:
  • Youth/Adult/Senior: $65
  • Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons: $50
by April 25th, 2020: (Final Deadline)
  • Youth/Adult/Senior: $75
  • Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons: $55
Additional fees apply for add-ons such as t-shirts, dinner tickets, clinic tickets, etc.

May 1 - 3, 2020
April 26, 2020 12:01am [Pacific Time]
Tyee High School
4424 S 188th St
SeaTac, WA 98188
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WTSDA Region 1

Championship Hosts
Master Nelson & Master Williams
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Championship Banquet
Adult tickets (12 years & older) - $25.00
Youth tickets (6-11 years) - $15.00
Child tickets (5 years & younger) - FREE
Orders must be submitted by April 15th!

Championship T-Shirts
Don't miss out on getting an exclusive 2020 Region 1 Championship t-shirt!
All t-shirts cost $20 each. Adult XXL t-shirts cost $22 each. 

Orders must be submitted by April 3rd!

Sunday Morning Clinic
*** Note: the recent passing of Grandmaster Beaudoin we have invited Master Kevin Robinson, 7th degree black belt from Pennsylvania, to be our guest instructor ***
Join us in welcoming a special guest instructors at our Sunday morning clinic. This is a great opportunity to learn from the top Tang Soo Do instructors in our organization. Tickets can be purchased at the door, but reserve your spot today!
Tickets are $20 each.


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