Martial Arts Summer Camp 2020! 

Martial Arts Summer Camp 2020 offers beginning and returning students a unique opportunity to experience in-depth martial arts study with Grandmaster Joseph Connelly.  We are committed to offering only the best martial arts leadership training.  Grandmaster Connelly and his team will create an extraordinary experience in which your child will learn to think like a Black Belt, train like a Black Belt and act like a Black Belt.  Your child will finish the summer martial-art fit and ready to meet the challenges of a new school year.
Martial Arts Summer Camp is designed for campers entering 2nd grade or higher in the Fall of 2020.  Exceptions may be made for students with previous martial arts experience.  Please check with Grandmaster Connelly before registering.
9:00 am - 12:15 noon - Half Day
9:00 am - 3:15   pm - Full Day



June 8 - August 14, 2020
1000 Grove Street
Evanston, IL 60201
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A camper should be entering 2nd grade in Fall 2020.  Younger children with previous martial arts experience may participate with permission.  Please check with Grandmaster Connelly before registering.  847-568-0912 or email


Week 1: June 8 - June 12
Week 2: June 15 - June 19
Week 3: June 22 - June 26
Week 4: June 29 - July 3
Week 5: July 6 - July 10
Week 6: July 13 - July 17
Week 7: July 20 - July 24
Week 8: July 27 - July 31
Week 9: August 3 - August 7
Week 10: August 10 - August 14

Would you like full day or half day camp?

If you need other arrangements such as a mixture of full and half days, please call us.  We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.  Just choose the "Other" option and contact us.

Please select your payment below.

WeeksDay        Tuition
10-weeksfull-day $3,000 
10-weekshalf-day $1,870 
9-weeksfull-day $2,856 
9-weekshalf-day $1,782 
8-weeksfull-day $2,678 
8-weekshalf-day $1,673 
7-weeksfull-day $2,463 
7-weekshalf-day $1,540 
6-weeksfull-day $2,203 
6-weekshalf-day $1,377 
5-weeksfull-day $1,913 
5-weekshalf-day $1,195 
4-weeksfull-day $1,591 
4-weekshalf-day $995 
3-weeksfull-day $1,224 
3-weekshalf-day $765 
2-weeksfull-day $836 
2-weekshalf-day $523 
1-weekfull-day $428 
1-weekhalf-day $268 


If we cannot reach a parent in the case of an emergency, who should we contact?  Please include the name and the relationship to the camper.


Please provide a current immunization record for your child by the first day of camp.

Does your child have allergies (food, medication, environment)?  If yes, please specify below.

Does your child have any physical problems that we should be aware of?  If yes, please specify below.

Does your child use an inhaler?  Please provide the inhaler on the first day of class along with a note from the prescribing doctor.

Will your child require daily medication during camp?  If so, please provide the medication and a note from your child's doctor regarding the use of the medication.

Will you allow your child to be given Tylenol should he or she need it?


Please list the individuals, other than yourself, who have permission to pick up your child from camp.


I give permission for each of the following (please check each one).  Be sure to check the Terms box.

I consent to my child’s participation in the Connelly’s Academy Martial Arts Camp 2020. I acknowledge that participation in the Connelly’s Academy Martial Arts Camp 2020 includes inherent risks. I expressly assume the risk of any and all injuries (including death), illness, or damage to property and loss that may result from my child’s participation in the Connelly’s Academy Martial Arts Camp 2020 activities. I hereby voluntarily release and discharge Connelly’s Academy, Inc. , its agents and employees from any and all claims for injury (including death), illness, damage to property or loss which my child may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the Connelly’s Academy Martial Arts Camp 2020. I have read and fully understand the above program details and participation agreement.
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Photographs and videos of my child as a Connelly's Academy Martial Arts Camp camper may be used in public relations program media and prepared materials and advertisements.

In case of emergency at or away from camp, personnel may take my child to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.


What you'll need for Summer Camp...
Martial Arts Camp is Screen-Free.  Your camper may bring a phone.  The staff will hold it during camp hours.

If your child has a martial arts uniform, please have him or her wear it to camp.  Otherwise, loose, comfortable clothing.

Everyday your child will need to bring a backpack with:

A lunch with as many snacks and drinks as your child will need throughout the day.  Insulated lunch containers will ensure that your child's lunch stays fresh;

A book, games, or cards for quiet time after lunch;

A swimsuit for the days we swim.  

Change of clothes (for afternoon activities);

Sneakers (for afternoon activities).