School-age kids (6 - 12 years old) will learn the skills and tactics  of how to handle bullies without fighting and they'll get to join in for a fun karate class.  

Martial Arts America is opening it's doors to the public for this special community event.  We're experts in teaching kids how to deal with bullying situations without using violence - we'll teach them "verbal karate" - so they can feel safe and confident at school, sports and around the neighborhood.

The BullyProof workshop starts at 12:00 noon and goes till 1:00 pm.  The kids will be actively participating while learning the skills and tactics of handling bullying situations and we'll even teach some fun and exciting martial arts moves as well. We'll have snacks for kids and parents after the event and you can use it as a time to ask questions and get more information..

Martial Arts America has been the community leader in teaching children (and adults) confidence, fitness, respect, focus and fun since 1980.  With locations in Brighton, Penfield and Webster, we've taught thousands of students the lessons, values and philosophies of the martial arts to help  them live more peaceful and success-filled lives.  

The Bullyproof workshop is being offered at each of our 3 locations.  Register at the location closest to you.  There is no charge for this event - just a community service to thank the people in our neighborhoods for their long-term support of our dojos.  You must be registered to attend (first 30 participants per location).


October 5, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Penfield Branch - 2160 Penfield Rd.
Brighton Branch - 3450 Winton Place Plaza
Webster Branch - 1270 Creek st., Webster
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