Saturday June 26, 2021


Poteet Martial Arts 1080 Dividend Street

Midlothian, TX 76065 


 Online Registration $50.00  Received online or by mail by 6/18/2021

( Same fee for 1 or all events)  

$75.00 Received online or by mail 6/19/2021-6/25/2021

$100.00 Day of Tournament

Special Needs Competitors   No Charge

 COLOR BELT & Special Needs


1st/2nd/3rd & Alternate Bronze awarded in all Color events with 4 or more competitors.







1st/2nd/3rd places awarded in Black Belt events, regardless of bracket sizes. 6 categories of Grand Champion awarded to Black Belts - Junior Male & Female (up to age 17), Adult Male & Female (ages 18 35), Senior Male & Female (ages 36+). Must compete in all three categories: patterns, power breaking, and sparring to be eligible for Grand Champion


SPARRING ITF Rules - 2 Minute Continuous Sparring (headgear & closed finger gloves mandatory); Black Belt 1st/2ndplace = 2/2 minute rounds. 



ITF Patterns Only; Color Belts 1 optional pattern;

Black Belts 1 optional and 1 designated pattern



 Side Kick (Standing/Skipping/Jumping) and Knife Hand Strike (Inward or Outward) Only


Speed Kicking available for all color belt competitors up to 12 years old and Special Needs competitors.

Chon-Ji Challenge 1 event for Color Belts & 1 event for Black Belts.

Fly Over Kicking (side kick) available for all color belt competitors ages 13 + regardless of rank & all Black Belts.

Bandana Sparring (1 minute rounds) available to all Color Belts up to age 8.   


 Courtyard Marriott 3 Community Circle Dr. Midlothian, TX




June 26, 2021
June 25, 2021 11:00pm [Central Time]
Poteet Martial Arts
1080 Dividend Street
Midlothian, TX 76065
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Annette Poteet
(469) 337-6295
1080 Dividend Street
Midlothian, TX
76065 USA
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Umpires, judges and volunteers (Score/Time Keepers) are needed to provide a more fair judging as well as to help the tournament to run more efficiently. All registered Umpires/Judges/Volunteers will receive a $10 lunch voucher to use at the event Food Truck. 
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