Welcome to the 2019 CPGC  Saturday Gardening Workshops
Central Peninsula Garden Club  has changed how it is presenting our gardening workshops. CPGC is hosting various Workshops on Saturdays, usually once a month, throughout the year. There are several different workshops each Saturday to attend. Be sure to sign up now to reserve your space, as most workshops have limited capacity.  Registration will be open to the general public  for the May workshops on May 8th. Be sure to check back regularly to see what new monthly workshops have been added.
If a workshop is full, you will have the option to join a waiting list, should an opening occur. If you receive an e-mail there is an opening, you will only have 48 hours to respond that you would like to attend, before it will move on to the next person on the waiting list.

Please read descriptions carefully for details. Some workshops may overlap in time. Workshops are NOT at the same locations. You must allow for travel time between events.

Cost: $5.00 registration fee per workshop for each individual wishing to attend. There may be additional fees based on the workshops you choose to attend. The registration fee will be collected when you register for your workshops. This fee is non-refundable. If available, a substitution may be made. Any additional fees will be payable at the workshop to the "host" of the workshop.


Before entering credit card information, be sure the total dollar amount for the number workshops you are registering for is correct. Once you have registered, there is no way for the club to refund your money. If by some data error you are charged too much, we may be able to register you for an upcoming workshop at no additional charge. It is each registrants responsibility to check the amount they are being charged. If there is an error, please call or email point of contact before registering.

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May 18th Workshops  

10-11am  Create a Hanging Basket with Connie's Royal of Connie's Flowers
Learn from an expert who puts together hundreds of lovely baskets every season. Walk out of the workshop with your hanging flower basket complete.
Additional Costs:   Supply fee is $15.00, paid at the workshop.Baskets and potting soil provided in the supply fee. Plants ARE NOT provided; they can be purchased on site or bring your own.
Workshop Limit:  10
Yes, I'd like to attend
1-2:30pm Pest Control for Your Garden with Dr. Casey Matney, Horticulture Specialist of our local Cooperative Extension Service.
Come learn how to control the pests that may invade your garden this summer , before they have time to invade, with Dr. Casey Matney.  Casey is very knowledgeable, and presents information an easy to understand and informative manner. There will be a question and answer period at the end of his presentation, so come prepared with all your questions!
Workshop Limit:  50
Yes, I'd like to attend
2-3 pm Learn to make Tomato Buckets with Don St. John
Learn how to make a tomato bucket using a five gallon pail, with drainage holes. You can move this around easily if you leave the handle on. This is NOT a hands on workshop; it is a demonstration on how to make the tomato bucket. You will leave with the information needed to make your own.  Feel free to bring your camera to take pictures, take notes.

Workshop Limit: 30

Yes, I'd like to attend

June 22nd Workshops  
Planting Weeding, Feeding and Maintaining Your Garden.

10-11:30am  Wonderful World of Worm Poo with Michael Hicks
What do you really know about "Worm Poo"? Michael Hicks of Grandpa's will be giving a detailed workshop to teach us the importance of how worms and their "Poo" benefit our gardens. Come and join us for a Great Fun and Informative workshop!
Oh, and we hear that Michael may be giving away several bags of his "Worm Poo" to lucky attendees. Wouldn't you love to win one for your gardens? I know I would!
Workshop Limit:  50

Yes I would Like to attend
1-2:30pm  Installing Drip Irrigation to Extend Planting and Growing Season with Rupert Scribner.
Are You Tied to your garden because you need to be home in able to water it on a daily basis? Or do you have several different areas that need a different watering schedule?  Come and learn what a relief it can be by installing drip irrigation!
Rupert will show us how easy it is to set a drip irrigation system for our gardens that will allow us freedom from the constant worry of whether our plants are getting enough water, when they need it.
Workshop Limit:  20

Yes, I would Like to attend
September 21st workshops
How to save my Harvest.
10-12am.  Fermentation as a means of saving your harvest with Mark Scheffert.
Mark ferments many food items, of which he is sure to have many available at this workshop. Fermentation is not the same as pickling. Come learn the process to preserve foods that are great for your digestive system and well being. Class size is limited, so sign up now, as this workshop fills up quickly each time Mark presents it. You will be taking home your own jar of fermented food.
ATTENTION:  This workshop will have a $2.00 Supply fee, payable to the host in cash upon arrival to the workshop.
Class Limit:  20

Yes, I would like to attend

October 12th Workshops  
More on How to Save/Preserve Your Harvest and Preparing for Next Spring.
10-12am  Cooking Your Harvest With Willow King  

OK, You have all this wonderful harvest from your garden and you wonder, what can I make with this?  Willow will show us some delicious ways to prepare the bounty of your garden. Some you may be familiar with, and I bet there will be some new ones too. This is sure to be an enjoyable workshop, so come join us!
Workshop Limit: 12
Yes, I would Like to Attend
1-3pm  Soil Testing with Jodie Anderson
Jodie Anderson is back for another fun workshop on Soil Testing.  Jodie is a Soil Scientist, and she is a lot of fun! If you have a printout of a recent soil test, bring it with you, and Jodie will help decipher it so you can understand it. If you don't have a soil test printout, bring a sample of your garden soil in a baggie, and Jodie will show you how to do a field analysis to learn more about your soil. She may even have time to talk about soil amendments.
Workshop Limit:  20
Yes I would Like to Attend
October 19th Workshops
More to do With Your Harvest
9-12 am. Medicinal Herbs with Dr. George Spady.
Dr. George Spady has lived in Alaska for the last eleven years. He came here as a physician, however his love of plants has transformed him into a healer that bridges traditional/ conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Over the past eight years he has taught apprentices and others in classes by using his knowledge to help people understand edible and medicinal plants.  Please come to enjoy this afternoon seminar to help launch you into becoming the next budding (pun intended) herbalist of the Kenai peninsula!
The talk will be "An introduction to medicinal herbs from the wilds of Alaska "
Workshop Limit:  30
This will be the last workshop of 2019.

Yes, I would like to attend