1-     MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics is to cultivate a healthy and fun environment for achieving excellence in rhythmic gymnastics.



  • As a condition to being granted membership in USA Gymnastics as a Registered Member Club, Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics agrees to and complies with the requirements and policy consistent with USA Gymnastics' Participant Welfare Policy that affirms the club's commitment to the welfare of gymnastics participants in its organization.


 Missed practice:

o   The head coach must be notified of anticipated missed training sessions.

o   Prorating of training fees is not available for missed training sessions.

o   Prorating of training fees is only available if a training session will be canceled by the head coach (ex. Saturdays conflicting with competitions) and if no make-up sessions are available.  

·        Private lessons:

o   Private lessons can be scheduled in addition to regular training sessions, and are strongly encouraged to improve gymnastics skills.

o   The fee is due before the start of the private lesson payable to Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC.



·        See head coach for details on monthly fees.

·        A 20% discount is available for each additional sibling.

·        Training fees must be paid in full to Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC by the first training day of each session. 

·        A $25 late fee will be charged if training fees had not been submitted by the third practice of the session.

·        A gymnast will not be allowed on the training floor if the training fees had not been submitted by the third practice of the session.

·        Prorating of training fees is only available if a practice session has been canceled by the head coach, and if no make-up sessions are available.  

·        No refunds will be given.



 Due to insurance regulations, all admittance of gymnasts and parents alike must be by the coach’s invitation. Students are only allowed on the gym floor while actively in class. Entrances onto the floor will be with the coach when class is called for, or, if late arrival, permission of other gym staff.  

·        All gymnasts must look professional during training sessions.

·        During training sessions, gymnasts must wear form-fitting attire to show proper posture and technique. (See head coach for recommendations).

·        To ensure the safety of gymnasts during training sessions:

o   Gymnasts are required to secure their hair in a neat bun or pony tail, away from their face, so as not to obscure vision of the apparatus.

o   No jewelry is allowed, with exception of one pair of stud earrings.


·        There is a viewing area provided for parents and sibling.  

·        Parents may not communicate with the gymnasts during training hours without permission from the head coach.

·        Parents may not interfere with coaching instructions during training hours.

·        Parents may not criticize or correct the gymnasts during training hours.

·        Parents are responsible for promptly picking up gymnasts at the end of training. Gymnasts will not be supervised by the coach after training sessions have ended. If a parent is more than 5 mins late in picking up a gymnast the parent will be charged a late pick-up fee of $5 for every 15 mins they are late.


Pooler Karate
811 South Rogers Street
Pooler, GA 31322
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Photo Release:

We will occasionally use photographs of the children on the Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics website, presentations, local advertising, and news papers. The photos will consistent of casual shots taken while the children are in the gym, or at competitions. Please sign below giving us permission or withholding permission for your child’s photo to be used. NO personal information will be used.

Classes we offer:
Beginner class:
Recreational class for younger participants. Age 4 and 5. No previous experience needed. 
Intermediate class:
Recreational class for participants age 6 & up. No previous experience needed. 
This class is by invitation only. It is for participants who have successfully learned the skills taught during intermediate class and plan to participate long-term. Participants must demonstrate ability to follow direction appropriately prior to joining. Once they have mastered the skills taught in pre-team training, they are invited to join the competitive team. 
Stretching and Conditioning: 
This class is for gymnasts, dancers, ballerinas or cheer-leaders who would like to improve their flexibility and strength. Previous experience in gymnastics, dance or cheerleading is required. Participants must be able to perform at least one full split to keep up with this class. 
“I have read and agree with the content, requirements, and expectations of the Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics rules and policies. I have received a copy of the handbook and agree to abide by the rules and policies as a condition of my child’s continuing participation in the Tempo Rhythmic Gymnastics classes”

Please read the rules and policies handbook carefully to ensure that you understand the policy before signing this document.

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