2019 SU Hippotherapy Application




The Effect of Hippotherapy on Anxiety and Depression 

Occupational therapy students at Shenandoah University are looking for volunteers to research whether participation in Hippotherapy is an effective treatment strategy for children with anxiety and/or depression. 
Candidate Qualifications:
  • Age 10 - 16
  • Self reported symptoms of anxiety or depression 
  • No previous participation in Hippotherapy or Therapeutic Riding
  • Independent ambulation and communication
  • Must be available for all the dates listed below
The study will take place at Ride-On Ranch 38416 Morrisonville Rd, Lovettsville, VA 20180  between 2-5pm
Sunday March 17th 
Sunday March 24th
Sunday March 31st
Sunday April 14th. 

 If you have any questions, please contact:  mgamber@su.edu


Ride-On Ranch
38416 Morrisonville Road
Lovettsville, VA 20180
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Autumn O'Hara, OTD, MS, OTR/L, HPCS
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It is your responsibility to find out if your healthinsurance company will or will not reimburse for the services received fromRide-On Ranch. If requested, Ride-On Ranch can provide you with all treatmentnotes for submission to your health insurance company. All treatment notes fromRide-On Ranch clearly reflect the nature and scope of services provided,including but not limited to the use of equine movement as part of an integratedtreatment strategy.

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