2018 Saturday Workshops in May

The Central Peninsula Garden Club is hosting various Workshops each Saturday in May. There are several different workshops each Saturday to attend. Be sure to sign up now to reserve your space, as most workshops have limited capacity.  Registration will be open to the general public on April 7th.

Please read descriptions carefully for details. Some workshops may overlap in time. Workshops are NOT at the same locations. You must allow for travel time between events.

Cost: $5.00 registration fee per workshop. There may be additional fees based on the workshops you choose to attend. Registration will be collected when you register for your workshops. This fee is non-refundable. If available, a substitution will be made.

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May 5th Workshops  Also SEA-AG Pick Up Day

10-12am  Create a Hanging Basket with Connie's Royal of Connie's Flowers
Learn from an expert who puts together hundreds of lovely baskets every season. Walk out of the workshop with your hanging flower basket complete.
Additional Costs:   Supply fee is $15.00, paid at the workshop.Baskets and potting soil provided in the supply fee. Plants ARE NOT provided; they can be purchased on site or bring your own.
Workshop Limit:  10
Yes, I'd like to attend
10-11:30am Basics of Landscape Design: From Theory to Plan Creation (Part 1 of 2)  see May 26th, may attend either or both). With Nancy Casey
After learning basic design theory, evaluate host property by taking into consideration space and constraints, visual goals, and design goals.  Then collaborate to create a landscape plan, with plant list and cost outline for the project.  (See May 26th workshop; may attend either or both.) (Previously titled "Planning Design Charette for Church Lot")
Workshop Limit:  15

Yes, I'd like to attend
1-2:15  The Wonderful World of Worm Poo by Michael Hicks of Grandpa's.
Michael will discuss using worm castings as compost in your organic garden.
Workshop Limit:  30
Yes, I'd like to attend
1-4pm Will's Workshop for Ladies : Build and Take Home Your Arbor; with Will Hightower.
Ladies- Here is your chance to work with an expert woodworker. Will will teach you how to use the needed tools; power and standard ones alike. You will go home with your completed arbor for your lawn or garden.
NOTE:  There will be a $73.00 additional fee for this workshop for wood and supplies.
Workshop Limit:  7
Yes, I'd like to attend

 May 12th Workshops  

9-10:30am Let's Talk About Berries with Brian and Laurie Olson of Alaska Berries.
Learn about different varieties and growing requirements of berries grown in our area. Selecting berries to grow, stages of growth, goals and planning of berries including Haskap, Saskatoon, Currants, Strawberries and Raspberries
Workshop Limit:  14.

Yes, I'd like to attend
10am-12:30pm  Spring Cleaning: Tasty Ways to Use Up Last Year's Harvest with Willow King.
Join local foodie Willow King for a morning of exploring techniques to clean out freezers, root cellars and pantries of last year's harvest to make room for this seasons bounty.
If you have leftovers from last summer's yield you would like to share, call Willow at (907) 394-9413. This will help Willow plan ahead for this workshop!
Workshop Limit:  10

Yes, I'd like to attend
1-2:30pm  Pruning of Trees and Shrubs with Curtis Stigall.
Curtis is a certified arborist and will demonstrate and teach the art of pruning your trees and bushes for healthy growth, size and appearance.
Workshop Limit:  12

Yes, I'd like to attend
2:30- 4pm Lawn Care with Curtis Stigall.
Curtis is a certified arborist and will teach the group about the proper care of your lawn. You will learn about diseases, insects, weeds, fertilizing, dealing with moss, and proper mowing techniques.
Workshop Limit:  12

Yes, I'd like to attend

May 19th Workshops  

9-10:15am The Wonderful World of Worm Poo with Michael Hicks of Grandpa's
Michael will discuss the benefits of composting with worm castings to improve your soil health in your organic garden.
This is a repeat of May 5th workshop.
Workshop Limit:  30

Yes, I'd like to attend
10am-12pm  Yard Art from Salvaged Items with Jan Wallace of ReGroup.
Members of ReGroup (Reuse, Repurpose, Recycling) will share ideas for creating points of interest for your yards and gardens. Emphasis for this day will be using old DVDs and CDs, wire from electric cords, chains and hanging devices. These items, as well as drills, glue guns and clamps will be available for use.  Feel free to bring ideas and supplies to share. Spare beads provide sparkle.  Remnants of acrylic paint and leftover spray paints work on DVDs.
Workshop Limit:  20

Yes, I'd like to attend
10:30am-12:30pm  Demystifying Bees, Bees as Pollinators with Kyra Wagner.
Kyra Wagner will present on the basics of pollinators in Alaska. She will discuss the characteristics of some of our local pollinators as well as the basic biology and management of honey bees. If you are thinking about ordering bees or just curious and fascinated by these little creatures, this presentation will calm fears and fire up an appreciation for what they can do. 
Workshop Limit:  30
Yes, I'd like to attend
1 - 2:30 pm  Brewing Tea for Your Farm & Garden with Ellen VandeVisse.
Learn to gleefully and cheaply add plant nutrients and banish mildews and blights without toxic chemicals. Comparing Manure Tea, fermented Compost Tea, and Actively Aerated Compost Tea to zap disease and make your soils a fertile powerhouse.
Workshop Limit:  40
Yes, I'd like to attend
3-4pm Raising Chickens for Eggs and Meat, Including Pest Control with Sarah Donchi of Kenai Feed & Supply.
In this workshop Sarah will provide information on housing, feeding and health issues; what is needed to promote healthy egg production and yummy edible chickens.
Workshop Limit:  20
Yes, I'd like to attend

May 26th Workshops  

9-10:30am Growing in a High Tunnel with Cheryl and Steve Beeson.
Learn about growing vegetables and fruit (apples, cherries and berries) in a high tunnel.  View and discuss planting in raised beds, irrigation systems, soil development methods, placement for sun, shade and ventilation.
Workshop Limit:  15

Yes, I'd like to attend
11am-12:30pm The Basics of Root Cellars with Lee Bowman.
Visit a working root cellar. Discuss how and why it works for storing your produce from your summer garden.
Workshop Limit:  12

Yes, I'd like to attend
1-3pm Composting & Local Amendments Equals Healthy Growing Soil with Jodie Anderson.
Making and using compost along with adding locally available soil amendments to improve soil nutrients to grow awesome plants and food.  Workshop will present a tutorial with opportunity for questions and answers. 
Workshop Limit:  15

Yes, I'd Like to attend
2-4pm Basics of Landscape Design:  From Plan to Planting- Part 2, with Nancy Casey.
This is a hands on workshop, so dress to get dirty.  Following the design plan developed at the May 5th workshop, plant for healthy growth at the host property.  Review the plan:  Did we follow the plan?  What changes did we make? What did we learn? 
(This workshop is open to those who did not attend Part 1. You can attend either, or both.)  (Previously titled "Planning Design Charette for Church Lot")
Workshop Limit:  15
Yes, I'd like to attend
3-4:30pm Building High Tunnels, Low Tunnels, Cold Frames and Installing Drip Irrigation with Rupert Scribner of Kenai Feed & Supply.
Learn how to extend planting and growing season by using irrigation in high and low tunnels, cold frames and mini tunnels for successful food production.
Workshop Limit:  25

Yes, I'd like to attend