Tournament Registration
$65.00 for 1 or 2 events. (March 1 to 31) 
$75.00 for 1 or 2 events (April 1 to 30)
$80.00 for 1 or 2 events (May 1 to 6) 
$15.00 Kobudo long
$15.00 Kobudo short
$30.00 Team Katas-Kumite
$10.00 for spectators (ages 7+) (One free spectator pass if register before March 31)
(children under 6 are free) 
***Register 10 or more competitors in one form and get $5 discount for each competitor.
***Register 20 or more competitor in one form and get $10 discount for each competitor.

***NYTKL register athletes get $10.00 discount if register during the month of March.Must use NYTKL discount code.
***NYTKL register athletes get $5.00 discount if register during the month of April. Must use
NYTKL discount code.
***NYTKL no discount for the month of May.

EVENT INCLUDES: Katas (Forms) Kumite (Fighting) Team katas Team Kumite Short Kobudo Long Kobudo. 
Participants may register for one or more events. Best of luck! 

Check in begins at 8:00am (no registration at the door). All registration must be done online.
Team Competition, Kobudo and adults 35 and over begins at 10:00 am 
Tournament Begins at 9:30am sharp! 

SPONSORED BY: Traditional Japanese Budo Center and MARS Incorporated.

May 5 - 6, 2018
May 6, 2018 12:00pm [Eastern Time]
9000 Parview Dr.
Haverford, Pa 19041
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Nelson Alers
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Step One:
Step Two:
Select your division(s) by age and check the events you desire:
Special kobudo and Team katas for student under 6 yrs old.
5 and under (Boys and Girls)
55 and over
5 and under (boys and girls
6-7 (boys and Girls)
55 and over
-154 pounds
-175 pounds
+175 pounds
Open weight
-132 pounds
+132 pounds
Open Weight
Special Team katas children.
Participant must be under 6 year old. Team can be mix genders.
Only kihon katas allowed.
Team katas under 17 and over 35 cam be age and gender mix.
Teams are divided into Beginners/Advance.


Mix ages, gender.
Mix ages, gender.
Kata challenge is open to all advance and black belts men and female age 14 and up. Single elimination by flags. Participants must perform a different kata on each round. The base prize for this event is $150 plus custom award for the winner base on 8 participants. The prize will be increase $5.00 for each participant after 8 participants.The more participants the higher the prize.
Please email any question to
I agree that I am 18 years or older or the Parent/Guardian of the registrant, agreeing to terms on his/her behalf. By agreeing to these terms, I hereby waive all claims against any and all persons involved with USA Philadelphia Open and National Qualifiers for any injuries which may occur before and during my participation in the competition. I also assume full responsibility for my actions during and in connection with said activities. I will abide by all rules and safe practices of martial arts competition. Any misconduct from competitors or spectators can result in disqualification or ejection from the tournament. I agree that my performance and/or attendance at these activities may be filmed and/or recorded with or without my consent, and that USA Philadelphia Open and National Qualifier and its associates may use my name, likeness, voices, poses, pictures and biographical data concerning me, fully or in part in any language with or without other material, anywhere by means known or devised: and I waive my compensation there of. Tournament entry or spectator fees are non-refundable.
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