The 2017-2018 Back to School season will be upon us before you know it. This year we want to give away a FREE 6 month BACK TO SCHOOL WITH CONFIDENCE MEMBERSHIP to one lucky child in our community.


Kids that take martial arts are fit, focused and confident. Being someone else's victim is never ok in our book. Let's give our kids the mental and physical skills needed to deal with unhealthy peer pressure and the bullying that unfortunately is all too common in our schools.

The winner of the 6 month membership will be announced on August 18,2017. 

What if my child doesn't win?
No worries!
Even if your child doesn't win he or she will still receive two complimentary lessons as well as a $100 new member bonus coupon.  If after taking the 2 free lessons you decide that you would like to continue training with us you can use the $100 coupon toward one of our full membership programs.

*new members only please.
We are also giving away a free 6 month adult membership so make sure that you register as well. When the kids go back to school that allows you to enjoy some "me time." Get, fit, have fun and learn a valuable skill!

Rodrigo Villagomez
Poise Martial Arts and Fitness

123 Main St
Hackensack, NJ 07601
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