It's Summer Camp time!
Charlotte Martial Arts Academy offers a full day camp experience for your child that is equally educational as it is exciting and fun! It is sure to be a safe, positive, and motivational camp adventure where your child is guaranteed to obtain physical, mental, and moral fitness.We offer weekly activities such as:
2 KARATE CLASSES a day, & MUCH more!
CMAA is where you WANT to spend your Summer!! 

Children ages 5-15 welcome.
$229 per weekly session when registering by Feb. 28, 2017
$239 per weekly session when registering by Apr. 30
$249 per weekly session when registering on and after Jun. 1st.
You only pay the $50 deposit per week now!*
*Remaining Camp Fee is due the Monday of the week you attend camp,
or you can pay everything up front at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy at any time.
Sign up for 8 weeks and receive 9th week FREE! 
Camp registration deposit is $50/week (due now).

Drop off as early as 7:30am, no later than 9am
Pick up as early as 3:30pm, no later than 6pm

Monday - Friday

If you're one of the 1st 30 campers to register early,
you receive a FREE camp weapon at the end of the summer! 
So, register today!

June 12 - August 18, 2017
August 14, 2017 12:01am [Eastern Time]
2228 Hawkins Street, Charlotte, NC 28203
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Please choose which weeks you will be attending camp this year. 
Camp registration deposit is $50/week (due now).
Camp Registration January-February $229/week
Camp Registration March-April $239/week
Camp Registration May-August $249/week
The remainder of your Camp Fee is due the Monday of the week you attend camp,
or you can pay everything up front at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy at any time. 
Drop off as early as 7:30am, no later than 9am
Pick up as early as 3:30pm, no later than 6pm
Monday - Friday
Week 1: 06/12 - 06/16
Week 2: 06/19 - 06/23
Week 3: 06/26- 06/30
No Camp Week of 07/03 - 07/07
Week 4: 07/10 - 07/14
Week 5: 07/17 - 07/21
Week 6: 07/24 - 07/28
Week 7: 07/31 - 08/04
Week 8: 08/07 - 08/11
Week 9: 08/14 - 08/18 *FULL*

I fully understand that the instruction, classes and use of any facility are physical in nature and as such there is a very real risk of injury. I accept all such risk for any injury including but not limited to the following: paralysis, head trauma, neck trauma, back trauma, injury to the arm, legs, feet, hands, impaired mental functions, loss or impairment of sight, loss or impairment of hearing, broken bones, internal injuries, genital injuries, dental injuries, lacerations,sprains, disfigurement, infectious diseases such as AIDS, HIV, herpes,hepatitis and others, and other injury that I may incur through my participation in classes,instruction and use of facilities. I further accept all risk of injury that may impair or eliminate my ability to perform gainful employment. I understand that there is physical contact between myself, the other students and the instructors and this contact is an unavoidable part of training that exposes me to injury. I also understand that proper instruction can not and will not eliminate the risk of injury.

Charlotte Martial Arts Academy recommends that you undergo a physical examination before undertaking this activity. I understand that my failure to have a physical exam performed may result in a condition causing serious injury or death. I hereby further represent that I have no medical or other condition that would expose me to any type of unusual risk while participating in classes,instruction and use of facilities

If I check the Terms & Conditions box, electronically signing this waiver for a minor child, I agree that all the terms and conditions contained in this waiver shall apply to the child or children enrolled. I understand that Charlotte Martial Arts Academy is at no time responsible for the supervision of children other than in class and even then only to the limits of verbal correction. I agree to be responsible for and supervise my children and my guests brought into the facility.

By checking the Terms & Conditions Box I hereby release and hold harmless Charlotte Martial Arts Academy, Inc, it's instructors, employees, sub-contractors, agents and assignees harmless from any claim or cause of action resulting from any matter relating to the above points as well as any other injury I may receive through my classes, instruction and use of the facilities.
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