Food Vendor Booth 2017

Welcome to the 44th annual Great Day in the Country! The GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club produces this Arts & Crafts Festival on the second Saturday of November, November 11, 2017. This is the club's largest fundraiser to raise funds for high school and community scholarships, grants for schools and charities and assisting our 109 year old community service organization in continuing our philanthropic efforts in the community.

November 11, 2017
November 11, 2017 10:00am [Eastern Time]
Oviedo on the Park
299 Center Lake Lane
Oviedo, FL 32765
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Rules & Regulations

1. Festival hours are 9am to 4pm.
2. Participants are responsible for setting up and dismantling of their booth. Tents, tables, etc. are to be provided by participants.
3. Registration and payment is required. We accept applications and credit card payments electronically through our website at To submit by mail:
Great Day In the Country
P.O. Box 621607
Oviedo, FL 32762
Attn: Food Vendor Chair
4. Make donation checks payable to: GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club.
5. FOOD VENDORS will be located in one of the food court areas.
6. SNACK VENDORS will be located throughout the festival grounds.
7. Fees must be paid and Fire Dept. requirements fulfilled by 10/1/16.
8. No refunds after October 15, 2016.
9. Application and donation deposit reserves a space until Oct. 1, 2017. NO SPACE WILL BE HELD WITHOUT THE APPROPRIATE DEPOSIT.
10. Donation deposits are refundable until July 1, 2017.
11. There will be limited vendors in each like category.
12. Once you have applied and your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email within 60 days.
13. Only those food items which have been approved may be sold. The GFWC OWC reserves the right to approve food items. You will be notified in writing as to the approval of food items. Listing such items on this application does not automatically approve those items.
14. No items will be exclusive to any vendor. In the case of multiple vendors selling similar items, the OWC reserves the right to limit those items.
15. Tent and area sizes MUST be listed. Tents need to be weighted or tied down to prevent blowing over. Any electrical or other cords running on the ground need to be secured with tape down their entire length or covered to prevent tripping hazards. Any gas/helium tank must be secured so that it will not tip over.
16. Your organization or business name, food, and prices must be prominently displayed at your space. Only the items approved for sale can be listed on your sign.
17. There is electricity available for a limited amount of booths for an additional donation cost of $25.00. You MUST state the AMPS needed.
18. There is limited space for generators; therefore, prior approval for the use of a generator by the Event Chair is required.
19. Only one vehicle per booth is allowed on the grounds during set up. Unload merchandise and immediately move your vehicle before beginning booth setup.
20. NO PARKING IS PROVIDED ON GROUNDS. There is a reserved lot for vendors located at the Oviedo Blvd. entrance for a donation cost of $25.00. Reservations must be made in advance.
21. Information regarding booth setup, booth numbers, and gate entrances will be sent to accepted participants by late October.
22. Contact with the Fire Department MUST be made before the event. (See attached letter) The Fire Marshall will visit your tent/truck prior to the start of the festival to ensure you comply with all fire safety standards.
23. It is the responsibility of your organization/business to comply with all Florida State Food Handling Regulations and Oviedo Fire Department fire safety standards. Any fine for non-compliance will be the responsibility of your organization. You cannot cook under a tent. Any space with an open flame (grill) must have a properly working and non-expired fire extinguisher.
24. Ice may be purchased from OWC. List number of bags requested on application form.
25. The GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club does not collect sales tax. You are responsible for reporting and paying the sales tax.
26. Please be prepared to show your proof of insurance.
27. NO BEVERAGES of any kind can be sold or supplied from your food space.
28. Food prices cannot be lowered until after 2:30 pm
29. NO alcohol, drugs or unlawful transactions.
30. You cannot start breaking down your space until 4:00 PM. Please break down and pack up BEFORE getting your vehicle. Cars are not allowed on the grounds and Food Trucks may not be removed until approximately 4:15 – 4:30 pm when the Oviedo Police gives the clearance. You must finish your cleanup and be off the grounds by 6:00 pm.
31. If any violation occurs, the entry fee will be forfeited and the exhibitor will be asked to leave.
32. You must bring your own garbage bags and containers and remove all garbage from your area.
33. Great Day in the Country is held rain or shine. There is no rain date.
34. If weather conditions are extremely unfavorable the GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club may cancel all activities.
35. A copy of your insurance MUST be provided to the Food Vendor Chair.

Food Vendor Donation Fees

Booth space size up to 11’ - $300.00 ($100.00 deposit)
Booth space size from 12’ – 24’ - $550.00 ($200.00 deposit)
Booth space size from 25’ – 30’ - $800.00 ($300.00 deposit)

Check this box to indicate that you have read and agree to all of the above terms & conditions





The following requirements are outlined in the Florida Fire Prevention Code 5th Edition and shall be adhered to when cooking under a tent or in fixed, mobile or temporary concession, such as trucks, buses, trailers within the City of Oviedo limits 

Due to DBPR regulations and Florida Administrative Code 61C-4.016 all cooking and food preparations shall be done under cover. If cooking under a tent or within afixed, mobile, or temporary concession the following requirements shall be adhered to, otherwise operations will immediately cease.

When cooking under a tent/canopy like structure, the structure shall be an approved flame resistant material compliant with NFPA 701 standards. The label shall be permanently affixed to the tent showing the fireresistant treatment or rating approval. If utilizing a non-compliant tent/canopy like structure the cooking operation shall be conducted outside of the structure and a minimum 10 feet away.

Cooking equipment in fixed, mobile, or temporary concessions, such as trucks, buses, trailers, in which cooking equipment produces grease laden vapors shall have a professionally certified NFPA 96 fire suppression system installed. This system must also be up to date with inspections (every 6 months)

When cooking under a tent/canopy like structure the structure shall have a minimum (1)one

2A-10BC fire extinguisher.

When cooking involves equipment producing grease laden vapors a Class K fire extinguisher shall be provided in addition to the 2A-10BC fire extinguisher.

All fire extinguishers, to include new store bought types shall be serviced and tagged annually by a licensed State of Florida fire extinguisher contractor. To help assist with locating local licensed fire extinguishers contractors you may conduct an online search or yellow pages.

 Important- Fire extinguishers purchased from a hardware store donot come tagged by a licensed State of Florida fire extinguisher contractor;therefore you will need to contact a local licensed fire extinguisher contractor for this service.

Deep fat fryers or pans with grease used for cooking shall have a metal cover plate,(lid) to put on them in case of fire or rain.

 All propane cylinders must be secured. Small cylinders (20lbs) can be place in a milk carton or any other carton type crate. Larger cylinders shall be secured to a stationary object, (fence, pole, etc.) except personal type grills with propane cylinders attached.

All propane cylinders (other than personal type grills with propane cylinders attached)shall be 10 feet from the cooking appliance with gas line(s) secured.

 The filling of gas tanks on site is strictly prohibited.

There shall be no access to any of the cooking appliances by the general public.

No cooking or gas powered appliances of any type, shall be used within 10 feet of any occupied building or any part of the building’s overhang.

I have read and will comply with the requirements as listed above.Failure to do so will result in further action.



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These requirements do not circumvent any other departmental requirements. Failure to adhere to the above requirements shall result in the immediate operation to cease.


Please complete this form in its entirety and return to the City of Oviedo Fire Prevention Division no later than (3) three business days prior to the scheduled event.


Completed forms shall be provided to the Food Vendor Chair at and emailed to and/or or faxedto 407-971-5810.



  limited quantity available: 4 remaining