Bully Prevention Child Safety
Educators Certification
Researched by the University of Delaware
Pre-school, Kindergarten, and Elementary

Read the stories -Sing the songs - Learn to escape danger
  A book and music researched based program
for educators of children 2 to 8 years old
  • Bully Prevention Respect & Empathy for others
  • Who to trust & Do not fall for tricks from tricky people
  • Keeping a safe distance as big as a Dinosaur
  • When its time to move, do Low & Go to get away
  • When to yell , make a scene & stay silent
  • Educated Running & Stay where you can be seen
  • Know the Safe Zones & Where to go for help
  • Never Give Up, Never Give In & Twist to get away 

    The participant will receive a Bully Prevention Child Safety Educator's Certificate of Certification.

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    Bully Prevention Child Safety

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    Kidini Bully Prevention Child Safety program was researched by the University of Delaware's Department of Research and it has also earned national awards.

    The certification is an educational program for any individual concerned with children at risk issues and is an effective way to obtain knowledge about bully prevention and child safety for children ages 2- 8 years old.

      It can be utilized from its basic tailored format to add to your overall children’s safety or health and wellness education. 

     The course is taught with respect to available onsite learning time which may not be immediately available and our ability to  provide distance learning through our website which is conducive to learning tested instructional techniques, proven tactics, and unique insight about the problem of violence against children.

    From awareness and risk reduction to self defense escape training drills, Kidini will be a great addition to your knowledge of bully prevention and child safety for children.

     Instructors will receive information on teaching children about:

    Bully Prevention; Home; Vehicle and School Bus Safety; Playground Safety; Recognition and Avoidance of Child Predators; Realistic Age-Appropriate Self-Defense Escapes from Tricky People

    In addition to the core curriculum, the Kidini Instructor Program addresses the handling of realistic defenses against Bullying and child predators. Kidini may also help decrease your facility’s liability insurance.

    Your name will appear on the Kiidni Certificate


    * Kidini has a few levels of involvement ( Kidini Instructors - Kidini Licensed Partners- Kidini Franchise Partners)

    This includes membership in the Kidini registration for all online Professional Development offered by Kidini. In addition, instructors have access to a multitude of instructor’s building tools, personalized listing of their schedule on the Class Locator at www.kidini.com, online registration with credit card payment option, class roster production, weekly parent email databank.
    Each educator has to submit a background check or must undergo a criminal background check, before a certification is issued.
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