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Costumer's Guild West, Inc. Scholarship Application

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The purpose of a Costume College Scholarship is to bring qualified applicants to the attention of the Dean of Costume College® and the Board of Directors of Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. ("CGW”) so that the individual may:
  • Be rewarded for their service to the organization; or
  • Be assisted due to hardship; or
  • If beginning their journey, be exposed to resources, gain experience and be encouraged in their costuming life.

The quantity given and details of awards may vary from year to year based on funding available.

Applications with any of the following elements missing will not be considered:

1. This Application, which must be filled out in full.

2. An Essay explaining why the applicant is qualified (1 page maximum). Please include examples of service to the organization (CGW), financial hardship as it relates to attendance at Costume College, what experience you hope to gain by attendance at Costume College, or what skills you may bring to Costume College. Please expand upon the questions in this application or tell us something else about yourself as you relate to costuming. The essay must be sent as a word (.doc) or adobe acrobat (.pdf) document to*.

3. Three to five Photos representative of the applicant’s best work to be sent as a a word (.doc) or adobe acrobat (.pdf).pdf or word document to*.

4. A Letter of Recommendation by at least one (1) member-in-good-standing of CGW or a member of a Sister Group. If you are not acquainted with any members, you may submit a letter of recommendation from someone else in the world of costuming, a teacher or sewing mentor, or you may contact one of the CGW Directors-At-Large for assistance. Please send the letter as a word (.doc) or adobe acrobat (.pdf) .pdf or word document to*.

*All emailed documents should be named in the following format: yourname_nameofdocument_date and should be sent to

Any items received after the posted deadline will not be considered. 

Please tell us more about yourself!

Costume College Scholarships are awarded for service, need, or assisting beginners in their journey. Please don’t feel that your answers to any of the questions below disqualify you from an award. As the scholarship program grows, the committee needs more information to help us make informed decisions. Please use your essay to expand on the questions below or to help us get to know you.

Costume College Committee
Costume College Teacher
Costume College Volunteer
CGW Board Member
CGW Appointed Position
CGW Event Liaison
CGW Volunteer
Teach sewing or costuming
Make or alter costumes for a theater, school, or other charity
Travel from more than one hour away
Care for dependants