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The Fairmount Park Historic Resource Archive (FPHRA) preserves, protects and makes available its collection of historical documentation on the former Fairmount Park system's cultural resources, landscapes and built environment. As a unit of the Planning, Preservation and Property Management division of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the FPHRA enhances the accessibility and usability of its collections for park staff and the public.

The FPHRA seeks provides researchers with a well-developed and comprehensive record of the Fairmount Park system by documenting the history of park property, both natural and developed, as well as the people who have helped shape Fairmount Park throughout history. This includes preserved historic material, as well as modern projects and events which develop and maintain the future of the park.

While the FPHRA focuses on a variety of aspects of Fairmount Park history, its strengths truly lay in the documentation of the park's architectural history since its inauguration through maps, photographic images, and written materials

The FPHRA's is the premier center for research on the Park. The FPHRA preserves, promotes, and enhances the cultural and architectural resources of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

Please visit Philadelphia Parks & Recreation website and review the online finding aids prior to making your appointment.

The Fairmount Park Historic Resource Archive (FPHRA) is available by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. After registration you will be contacted within two business days to finalize your appointment time.

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