Hyper Martial Arts
Summer Camp 2014

KMA Hyper Martial Arts Camp is Back!

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Camp will be held at our Westerville KMA Headquarters for an awesome 1-Week session spanning from June 2nd to June 6th

Campers will learn NEW martial arts material designed by World Champions and Hyper Martial Arts Pros!

We will focus on Hyper Kicks, Jump Kick Gymnastics, Tumbling, Acrobatics and Hyper Weapons!

 Registrations may be made for 1 week of camp or for single days!
Camp Prices:
Registration is limited to 20 students/week.

Campers may bring their own lunch, or $5 Cash as they will have an opportunity to purchase lunches from the Food for Thought Cafe!

June 2 - 6, 2014
5953 S. Sunbury Rd
Westerville, OH 43081
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  •  Hyper Camp will consist of an AWESOME one-week long session
  • Registrants may select any or all days for participation in Camp
  • Campers may be dropped off no earlier than 8:00AM each day.
  • Camp is run from 8am - 4pm daily. After Care is available until 6:00PM for $15.00/child/hour.
Campers attending for at least one FULL WEEK will receive a Hyper Martial Arts T-Shirt!
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MEDICAL CONSENT As the parent, legal guardian, or authorized representative, I hereby give consent to the Koguryo Martial Arts Academy Sun Dragon summer camp to provide all emergency dental or medical care prescribed by a duly licensed physician (MD or DO) or dentist (DDS) for the Member. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb, or well-being of the child.

Participation Agreement
Please go over these items with your child:
1. Participant agrees to abide by rules and regulations set by the program for the health, safety and welfare of the participants.
2. Willful destruction of property will be the responsibility of the participant's parent/guardian.
3. Participants must remain within established boundaries wherever the camp programs occur on and off Koguryo Martial Arts Academy property.
4. Participants are not allowed to be in possession of any tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, firecrackers, firearms, or knives.
5. Koguryo Martial Arts Academy is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings.
6. Continued inappropriate behavior, such as threatening, swearing, not following directions, teasing, sexual harassment/intimidation, fights, or improper behavior in vehicles, may result in immediate dismissal from the program with no refund.
7. Any participant who poses a threat to themselves or to others will be dismissed from the program with no refund.
The Program Director reserves the right to determine what constitutes a violation of these rules and will enforce them as necessary. We reserve the right to dismiss any participant from the program at the parent/guardian's expense and liability for violating any of the above.

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