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 Instructors, students and enthusiasts of martial arts have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial arts organizations. Some are drawn to the PKC for tournaments and sporting aspects of competition. Others seek to add business marketing and student retention tools to their schools. While still others enjoy attending or conducting weapons and self-defense seminars.

Whether you are interested in our organization for mental or physical well being, PKC Region VII offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.  The PKC will accept all martial arts schools and individuals throughout the country that meets our criteria as professional, good, hard working martial artists. Membership is on an annual basis and helps to encourage & support our regional martial arts Community. 

Join the PKC and begin accumulating Regional & National points for tournament competition. Finish the season in the top ten of your division and you will be recognized by the organizaton and your peers as a PKC Champion at the annual Regional Awards Ceremony!!! Membership also carries other benefits. Many PKC promoters give members discounts for seminars and tournament competition. Kentucky, (s) Ohio, Tennessee, and (s) Indiana PKC member's tournament competition points will be listed under PKC Region 7 Ratings for the competition season. PKC Individual Membership comes complete with a PKC ID Card, Patch and Membership Certificate. Current members that compete and qualify also recieve a Regional TOP TEN Plaque for placement in their division. PKC Associated School Membership comes complete with Associated School Plaque, Welcome Letter, Brochure, School Owner - PKC Individual Member Packet, Regional Series Calendar and Tournament Rule Book. PKC Referee Certification comes with Tournament Rule Book and Certification Plaque. SIGN UP TODAY!

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Registration inquiries:
Rob Starks - Director
Professional Karate Commission
PKC Region #7, LLC.
P.O. Box 16225
Louisville, KY 40256
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Applicant must maintain a Professional School and adhere to standard business procedures. Applicant must never have been convicted of a felony.

Applicant must fill out (complete) the attached application for participation in the PKC
Associated School Program.

Applicant must provide PKC with a photo copy of their certificate of rank. Please email items to


Members are permitted to use the PKC name and/or logo on stationery, business cards,signs and all advertising concerning the promotion of the karate school provided they use the logo as is, with no alteration. It is further understood that applicant must use the wording “PKC Endorsed”, “Endorsed by the Professional Karate Commission” (or PKC) in conjunction with the
PKC logo.

Members are not permitted to use the PKC logo and/or name in the manufacture of any products or merchandise, including (but no limited to) T-shirts, jackets, etc.

Associated school members will be afforded the opportunity to purchase PKC products, patches, etc. wholesale through the Professional Karate Commission.


After becoming an associated school member, you will want to get your students signed up as associate members. The cost of this is $40 per member. Each member will receive a membership card, certificate and PKC patch. Send in the membership form for your student with $20 and you keep $20 as a PKC Associated School.
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