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A property owner can request a street tree to be planted by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Street trees are defined as trees planted between a street curb and sidewalk. After Philadelphia Parks & Recreation receives this request an arborist will inspect the location to determine whether it is an appropriate and safe location for a tree to be planted. The arborist will determine which species of tree is best suited for the location. After the site inspection is done, a Planting Permission Form will be left for the property owner to fill out and send back to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. When we receive the form, the location is then placed on a "future planting" list. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will not plant a street tree without a signed permission form on file.
Planting of streets trees is ONLY done in the spring and fall and is dependent upon available funding. Completing this application does not guarantee you will receive a street tree. This application is a request to have a certified arborist inspect the location and determine whether it is a suitable location. The individual completing this form must be the property owner for the location for where the tree is requested.
If you have a concern with an existing tree please complete a Tree Maintenance Service Request Form or if you wish to have one planted, please complete this form. There is no charge or fee associated with your request.