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To reserve your child's FREE No Obligation Trial Week all you need to do is fill in the registration information below, pick their trial week and then tell us a little bit about yours and the goals for your child or teen. 

It's a chance for you to road test our program and see if it's right for you and your family.

What we Believe...

At Bell’s Taekwondo our vision is to create a culture of Respect, Excellence, Health and Family above and beyond the status quo.

We Believe that our purpose and duty is to help as many Children and Young Teens as we can to enrich-in and Master their lives through our unique combination of Age Specific Traditional / Sport Taekwondo, Children's and Youth Fitness along with Bully Defense and Character Development.

We Believe that in doing so that they will be empowered to strive for a Community and a World that is Richer, more Beautiful, Healthier and a much more giving place to live.

We Believe in helping our students to become the best versions of themselves.

We Believe in providing the coolest experience for every student in every class.

We Believe in paying it forward... 

We Believe in Changing Lives!

"Starting your child in Taekwondo extends far beyond the Martial Art... It's preventative maintenance and good medicine for a fit, productive, healthy and happy life."

~ Master Tim Bell, 6th Dan

Here's Why You Should Choose Bell's Taekwondo...

Our Classes are Age Specific.  

With our Age Specific Programs we are able to target each students age of development, this allows our students to excel through each developmental stage with much higher physical and mental retention in the shortest amount of time.

Our Classes are Capped. 

Nothing can be more frustrating and stressful for a child than being lost in the crowd and ignored, our class sizes are limited so that each child is acknowledged and receives the best instruction, attention and guidance possible. 

We Teach POWerful Character!

We are proud to be a Licensed POWerful Words Character Development Center under the direction and guidance of Child & Teen Developmental Specialist, Dr. Robyn Silverman... Since 2004.  

We're Committed to Putting an END to Bullying!

We're proud to be the only Certified Hyper Fight Club & Hyper Bully Defense School in Atlantic Canada. 

Hyper is a World Wide organization of World Class Martial Artists who's mission and purpose is to End Bullying and inspire Martial Arts Athletes for Life, who are Respectful, Confident, Brave, Humble, Positive, Quick, POWerful and Strive to Excel in all areas of their Lives... We Train To Win! 


Our Unconditional Guarantee...

We'll Treat You to The Competition!

That's Right!... At Bell's We Stand By Our Programs and The High Quality of Instruction and Service that we Provide.

Take us up on our 1 week FREE trial offer.

If during your FREE Trial You Are Not Completely Blown Away By The Benefits That Our Program Delivers – We Will Buy You a Month of Classes at Another School of Your Choosing!

That's right! We'll Treat You to Another School If You're Not 100% Satisfied!

We'll even call them and arrange it for you!

No Other School Would Dare do The Same.

That's how Confident we are in our World Class Programs.

We are 100% Committed to Giving You and Your Family the Best Martial Arts Experience Possible... Guaranteed

We're Proud to have been chosen as the 
2015 , 2016  & 2017 Consumer Choice Award Winner for 
the best Taekwondo Academy in Halifax.

Give Your Child The Gift Of An Unfair Advantage After Their Trial With Our 3 Month, All Inclusive Intro Program...

Here's What's Included...

> 3 Months of Unlimited Classes <
> An Official Taekwondo Uniform, School Crest & Belt <
> First Belt & Stripe Graduations <

A $400.00 Value for Only... $179.00!

Trial Classes During the Winter Months...

If your trial date falls on a day when all schools in the HRM are closed due to bad weather our policy is to close also.

The trial date will then be moved to the next consecutive class day on our schedule.

Willowbrae Academy
1714 St. Margarets Bay Road
Timberlea, Nova Scotia
B3T 1B4
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To determine if our Taekwondo program is right for you and your family, please answer the following questions.

If You answered "No" to any of the above questions, please reconsider our program at a later date, when your situation changes.

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Beginner Class Schedule

 Little Champs / Children (ages 4 - 7) - Monday & Wednesday 6:05 pm - 6:50 pm

Juniors (ages 8 and Up) - Monday & Wednesday 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

**From the drop down menu below pick the age specific program category for your child's age**

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I hereby agree to follow all the rules of the Master and instructors. I understand that these rules are set for the protection of myself, my child or others in the school. I understand that I cannot hold anyone liable for accidental injury by any student or instructor, guest, observer or member of the school. The applicant herein represents that he or she is a lawful age to execute this release and hold harmless agreement and should the applicant not be a lawful age, the parent or guardian shall be required to sign, before the agreement will be accepted. The applicant and or parent or legal guardian hereby agrees that the said hold harmless agreement shall extend to all claims for injury as aforesaid, including costs of litigation, attorneys fees and other incidental expenses incured by the martial arts school. In the defense of any lawsuit or to enforce this hold harmless agreement. The applicant has been made aware that the practice of the martial arts and self defense involves the risk of injury and agrees to follow the directions of the instructors of the martial arts and self defense programs so to minimize any chance of said risk of injuries. I give permission for the martial arts school to use my pictures, videos and voice in anyway for advertisement purposes herein. I hereby authorize the martial arts school, and its instructors to use any and all means possible to administer first aid and to transport me to the nearest medical facility for immediate medical attention in case of an emergency. If you wish to cancel re-schedule your trial please call us at 450-5081 or e-mail
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To help us better serve yours and your child's needs please help us out by taking the time to answer the following optional questions.

What goals would you like your child to achieve or accomplish Taekwondo? 
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Improve Stamina
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